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Since I’m fortunate enough to have a regular paying job, I’m select about what website projects I get involved with. I’m even more select about the ones I add to my portfolio.

Total Mindfulness is a free course to introduce to you the concept of mindfulness and teach you exercises to bring it into everyday life.

It’s a progressive web application built in PHP, with a custom CSS.

It’s completely free, with no advertisements, and no data misuse: it doesn’t give away or sell your data, and you don’t get any emails unless specifically opted for. It doesn’t even utilise Google Analytics. It’s disppointing that those are selling points, but hey, that's the current state of the World Wide Web.

The British Ninja League Association is a platform for obstacle course practitioners to meet and compete.

While the frontend is built on Bootstrap, the backend is a complex PHP application. It allows gyms to host events which ninjas can attend, and utilises an exponential scoring system to rank players on its leaderboard.

The Chase Films is a video production company, consisting of four Manchester-based filmmakers and one very handsome Scouser.

A bespoke CMS powers the site, allowing each of the team to add, edit, and delete content as they see fit. Its frontend is based on Medium Rare’s Pillar.