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I’ve contributed elements of my vast skillset to films for almost a decade.
Here are thirteen that I think are worth mentioning.

BASF: Finding the Right Balance

camera assistant; colourist

Shot at more than 30 locations, throughout 5 countries, over a span of 4 months, this corporate film highlights BASF's commitment to agricultural balance.

Ideal Boilers: Find The One You Love

camera operator; colourist

A collection of three television commercials starring the boyband Blue.

BASF: Farmer Stories (Winter Wind Down)

cinematographer; editor; colourist

Armed with a skeleton crew of four, we travelled to Doncaster to document arable farmer Nigel and his daughter as they prepare for the winter months.

Over two days, we captured the farmers performing their actual tasks so that their actions never appeared staged; this, combined with their casual conversation, allowed the edit to be as realistic as possible.
We delivered a total of three films to BASF for scheduled release on their social platforms.

See also 2018 in Review and The Year Ahead.

Marlon Jones: Combat Prospect

cinematographer; editor; colourist

On 2nd June, 2018, Marlon fought Sam Bird at Echo Arena Auditorium for the Junior Flyweight Title.

This short social media piece was created to help him spread the word and sell tickets.

Was this video responsible for his win? Yes, probably.

See also Liam McCracken: Combat Prospect.

Greener Pastures

cinematographer; colourist

Molly Jade Mark and Felicity Elka Lee-Green are working on a farm as part of their community service. They're suspicious of the farm's keeper, Lisa Tracy Gabbitas.

Is the farm responsible for more than the care of animals? Probably, otherwise I wouldn't have asked the question.

England is Mine

unit videographer

No, not This is England.

Teaming up once again with Honlodge Productions for this portrait of Morrissey Jack Lowden and his early life in 1970s Manchester prior to the formation of seminal alternative rock band The Smiths.

Available on Netflix.

Natalie Joan: Tea and Sympathy

cinematographer; editor; colourist

It's the only music video project I've undertaken, primarily because it was a favour for my boss, but also because I liked the concept: an Alice in Wonderland-inspired steampunk tea party. Mainly the favour though… and the money.

Wonder Boy

writer; cinematographer; editor; colourist

He thinks he's psychokinetic, but he needs to be stronger.

Developed as part of a 48-hour film festival, this short narrative film follows Ben as he struggles to grasp reality following a traumatic childhood experience.

Henry Cookey: Road to Rio

writer; director; cinematographer; editor; colourist

Fast food, partying, and a career as a chemical engineer: these are just some of the sacrifices Henry Cookey has gladly made in his persuit of Olympic participation, but the financial demand of qualifying is heavier than any weight this British Taekwondo National Champion can lift.

Alice: Ignorance is Bliss

writer; director; cinematographer; editor; colourist

Alice Whinnett was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. Over the following decade her condition naturally worsened, and everything in her world changed, all apart from how her "favourite grandson" behaved with her.

This short documentary gives a brief look at the relationship between 84-year-old Alice and her grandson, showing a lighter side to the disease that breaks so many families apart.

The Voorman Problem

unit videographer

In this BAFTA and Oscar-nominated short film from Honlodge Productions, Doctor Williams Martin Freeman is called to examine Voorman Tom Hollander, a prisoner who believes he is a god.

Before making a decision, the doctor must know: why would a god choose to be straitjacketed in a prison, is there a way he can validate his claim, and what has any of this got to do with Belgium?