I want to declare in advanced that my intention for blogging is primarily as a personal journal, existing as a medium for reflection following a project.

As I'm still early into my filmmaking journey, I want to be aware of the faults I make on set. As an experiment, I'm curious to try documenting my experiences, in hope that writing about it will help me to better store and recall the memories, and aid in learning from my mistakes.

Another possible advantage of blogging is helping me to understand how to communicate clearly and concisely, which is not my strongest feature at present.

I will be pleased if my findings have an educational benefit for anybody else, but please do not to take my word as final; I encourage you to do own research, look towards more established filmmakers for opinions, and more importantly, find out what works best for you by trial and error.

I am by no means an authority for any of the subjects discussed on this website.

2018/01/06 12:00:00