I’m Thomas McNaught, a twenty-five-year-old award-winning filmmaker from Liverpool, England.

I love being behind the camera, capturing either motion pictures or stills. Though I dabble in other departments, my passion is cinematography. I typically shoot short films, however I also enjoy being involved with documentaries and music videos.

I’m known to exaggerate when telling a verbal story, and cinematography enables me to achieve this when telling a visual story.

A script is a solid foundation for a story, and the director and cast can increase the quality of the film, but cinematography -- when used correctly -- brings additional emphasis to the story; highlighting specific elements in order to enhance the emotional connection between the film and the audience.

I have skills in a plethora of departments within the film industry, a trait which people have generously opened their minds to, and welcomed me onboard their projects. I have been fortunate enough to get experience in a number of roles throughout the production of a film, such as writer; director; camera assistant; camera operator; cinematographer; DIT; EPK; editor; colourist; visual effects; and titles/credits production.

Academically, I have not obtained any qualifications, although that has in no way prevented me from securing any jobs so far, and hopefully this pardoning will continue for future potential work.

I read and watch a lot of content to further inform myself about filmmaking topics, but ultimately being on set provides the most rewarding lessons. I am incredibly lucky to consistently work with extremely talented people, and wholehearted believe that my experiences on set far outweigh the value of a certificate.