Hi, I'm Thomas

You may feel tempted to call me Tom, but I’d rather you didn’t.

I’ve been alive for 28 years.
That optimistically assumes I’m not dead, I apologise if that's a mistake.

I was born and dragged up in Liverpool, England.
I still live here. Again, assuming I'm not dead.
I don’t have a thick accent and I don’t care for football.

I take photographs.
Usually of models.
Sometimes scantily clad.
The models, not me.

I design and develop websites.
It’s referred to as a ‘full stack developer’, but I dislike that term.
Wondering why this site doesn't seem that flashy?
It doesn't need to be, that's why.

I work in film.
I don’t pronounce it as two syllables.
I'm often working on TV commercials, corporate videos, and narrative films.
Some of my roles include writing, shooting, editing and colour grading.

Want to contact me?